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Open House Tips

Consider the following suggestions when setting up an Open House. It may appeal to the prospective buyer, and significantly increase the likelihood of your home getting sold.

Aroma - Baking a fresh loaf of bread or leaving fresh roses in the home will leave a pleasant aroma. Two days prior to your open house, consider relocating your pets temporarily at a relative’s home; the buyers can easily be discouraged by animal odor, or shredding as they survey the home.

  Depersonalization - Remove artifacts that indicate you still live in the home. Try give the seller the illusion the illusion of a home that he/she can decorate or personalize from scratch without having to remove your existing decorations.

Drapery - Replace your everyday-curtains for simple, yet attractive fabrics that will cause the interior of the home to appear classy, appealing and attractive.  

  Spaciousness - Consider removing bulky pieces furniture in order to make the home look more spacious. 
  Climate - Depending on weather conditions on your scheduled open day, it may be a good idea to leave your central air switched on to facilitate a pleasant temperature within the home.