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Defective Products

Real estate can occasionally carry defective components. In some states, the law clearly defines the nature of the defect, and what claims (if any) the homeowner can make.

Real estate defects can be categorized into four areas:

In recent years, certain manufacturers of hardwood siding have been subject to lawsuits due to their product being defective. Manufacturers such as Masonite, Weyerhaeuser, Cladwood, Omniwood and ABTCO have had to settle with builders who purchased and installed faulty hard wood siding. Click here for more information.
Synthetic Stucco
Also known as ‘Exterior Insulation and Finish’, synthetic stucco pertains to the three layers (inner, middle and exterior) applied to building structures. The most common problem with synthetic stucco has been mold, moisture, blistering paint and cracked sealants. Click here for more information.
While builders are not necessarily obliged to use any particular brand of roofing product, they have to abide by certain rules – the fundamental and obvious of which requires that the roof not leak. Damaged vents, roof flashing and seals are factors that render most roofs defective. Click here for more information.
Faulty plumbing has gained notoriety as one of the defective aspects of new homes. Pipe failures have been the focus of thorough home inspectors. While the problem includes both ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) DWV(drain waste and vent) pipes, each pipe poses a threat to human health. Lawsuits are currently in the process of being settled. Click here for more information.