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Careers in Real Estate

Have you thought about a lucrative and exciting career in real estate? Real estate is booming across the country as a result of historically low interest rates. Most recently, the market has experienced several consecutive years of record growth in home sales. That record growth has generated opportunities in real estate sales, real estate appraising, and home inspection.
Real Estate Sales
- Representing buyers and sellers in real estate transactions - helping them get the best price on the best terms - is often both exciting and rewarding.
- A professional real estate agent has a broad knowledge of real estate and receives training in real estate principles, finance, marketing, agency, contract law, forms of ownership, leasing, property management, investing, appraisal, and various legal issues affecting real estate and the license law.

Real Estate Appraising
- Financial decisions about real estate often required the objective and independent judgment of a professional real estate appraiser. Homebuyers look for assistance when making a purchase. Sellers will often base selling prices on the appraised value. Mortgage companies rely on appraisals as the basis for making and pricing mortgage loans. Other circumstances such as estate planning, eminent domain, taxation, etc. call for value estimates by appraisers of real estate.
- Appraisers are trained in real estate and appraisal principles, finance, real estate markets, inspecting and analyzing improvements, estimating cost and depreciation, various approaches and tools used to estimate value, and report writing.

Home Inspection
- All buyers benefit from a thorough and detailed inspection of the improvements being purchased. Whether the house is an older building or newly constructed - it is almost a certainty that deficiencies will be found. Common deficiencies prove costly when discovered after taking ownership. The home inspector provides a un-emotional visual inspection that could save the buyer many times the cost of the service. Buyers make better decisions when they are better informed. Getting a home inspection is one way to be better informed about the improvements being purchased.
- Home inspectors are familiar with basic residential construction methods and materials. They are trained to know how to inspect, where to inspect, and what to inspect - looking for obvious and subtle signs of structural or system issues. They are keen observers with the proper knowledge and tools to uncover problems so that the purchaser can make an informed decision.
If you are interested in more information - a new career - or just self-improvement - the following link will provide you with a great source for on-line or classroom courses in real estate sales, appraisal, or home inspection, please contact:
America's Real Estate Academy, Inc.