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CLUE Reports

CLUE reports are a five year history of claims and payments made on automobile and homeowner insurance policies. The database of information - Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) - is managed by ChoicePoint Asset Co. in Alpharetta, Georgia. CLUE reports show dates and types of claims made and amounts paid by insurance carriers. The reports are used by insurance providers to evaluate the risk of insuring motorists and homeowners for losses.
From a purchaser's perspective, CLUE reports may reveal prior damage to properties that may not have been disclosed in the "seller's disclosure" statement. Unfortunately, that same information may also be the insurance providers reason for charging higher premiums or refusing to write a policy at all. Several interesting articles about CLUE reports are listed below.
To obtain a FREE CLUE report on your property, go to ChoiceTrust.com or call ChoicePoint at 866.527.2600. NOTE: You will only be able to able to obtain reports on property that you own. When purchasing property, ask your agent to make your purchase agreement contingent upon the seller of the property providing a satisfactory CLUE report.
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