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Common Mistakes Sellers Make

Selling a home requires professional expertise, time, and consideration to a number of important factors. There are a number of mistakes made frequently by Sellers when placing their homes "for sale". Here are some of the more common ones:
Not pricing your home properly - under or overpricing your property can be detrimental. Sellers often make the mistake of pricing their home based upon what they want instead of what it is actually worth. Every Seller wants to realize the maximum amount they can from the sale of their home. However, over pricing can mean increased market time making your home eventually become “stale”. Most Sellers who over price their home end up selling it for less than if it were priced correctly to begin with. The first 30 days of your home being on the market is the most important. This is when you will receive the most activity because all Buyers in the area will be exposed to your home. After this time, your home will only be exposed to “new” Buyers. That is why it is imperative that it is priced correctly to begin with.
Sellers choosing the wrong listing agent - Don't be tempted to go with an agent who has promised you a higher asking price or the lowest commissions. You should choose a listing agent that is going to get the job done with the least chances for any legal snares and the least amount of inconvenience to you. You should have a comfortable, confident relationship with your listing agent.
Failing to take the first offer seriously - Many times Sellers think that if an offer comes in right after placing it on the market they think they have under priced when actually it just means that your home was priced right to begin with. Experience has demonstrated that the first buyer ends up being the best buyer. Typically, if this offer (as long as it is reasonable) is rejected, the Seller still ends up taking even less as more time passes by. The amount that a Buyer is willing to pay for your home is lessened the longer your home is on the market.
Lack of Commitment to Sell - Sellers putting their home on the market when they are not really committed to selling. They really have no good reason to sell.
Failing to give a fresh look to the property - You don't have to spend a fortune renovating your house to ensure a quick sale at the best price. Some of the most effective fix-ups are also the cheapest. A REALTOR Ò can help you to pinpoint the projects that make the most sense, by touring your property with fresh eyes, as if they were a prospective buyer.
Failure to consider "curb appeal" - Curb appeal is very important, prospects may never make it through you front door without it. Remember those first impressions, by spending just a few hundred dollars on fresh landscaping, for example, can boost your home's value and marketability.
Failure to clean and "de-clutter" - A great investment is a cleaning service, especially when you first list your home and periodically throughout the listing period. Once your home is on the market you will want to make it a daily routine to keep everything picked up, dusted and fresh. The prospective homebuyer does not want to see a home with the “lived in” look. They want a home that is fresh, neat, and move-in ready in appearance. Your REALTOR Ò will be able to give you periodic feedback from prospects regarding your property. The key is to listen to your agent and work on the details of marketing your home.